LED Waterproof Rechargeable Head Lamp

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  • Lamp beads: T6 lamp beads, the maximum brightness 6000 lumens
  • Hawkeye lens: Hawkeye lens sheet, so that the light is more focused long-range attack aluminum head protection from wear lenses
  • DC charging hole: the head charging hole, connect the power supply can only fast charging, longer battery life
  • Quality headlights belt: Elastic lights with design, size adjustment appropriate size according to their head
  • Telescopic Focus: telescopic focusing head design, free adjustment astigmatism - condensing conversion, easy to deal with a variety of environments
  •  Angle adjustment: head according to their own needs and adjust the angle up and down, simple, easy to use, easy to work lighting;
  • Waterproof switch: rubber non-slip waterproof switch, the material soft, comfortable feel, touch transform third gear: Strong - Weak - Strobe.

About 18650 Battery

-2PCS BRC 18650 3.7V 5000mAh Rechargeable protected Li-ion Battery

- Over temperature and over current protection

- Short-circuit protection & Environment friendly

- Widely used on torch, laser pointer, as emergency lighting and other portable devices

Coming a Battery Charger for 18650 Battery

About the 18650 battery charger- How to know the battery full charged?

1) When using DC power adapter, there is a indicator light in the power adapter, Charging- RED light, Full Charged- GREEN light

2) When using car charger, there is no indicator light to show the battery charging status. Battery will be fully charged for 4~5 hours. The LED only light RED light, means connecting with power.

3) LED light in the charger dock don?t indicate the battery charging status, only light red light, when connecting with power

Customer Reviews

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It came very quickly to the Moscow region Mytischi


Is as described and super fast delivered. There is not much communication with seller on tracking info after and more need not. Working good!! 2e purchase so reliable and good.


It shines bright. The design is comfortable. It is convenient that batteries can be replaced if needed. Another thing is who will live longer batteries or the flashlight itself. Time will show. As long as I'm happy.


Medium power lamp, the lantern itself weighs quite a lot (with batteries), gram 300


The flashlight shines well. Ordered with batteries and charging + USB cable for charging. The batteries were charged, packed. I like everything. Thank you, I recommend. The only parcel is not tracked and very long goes, more than 1,5 months.