Incredible Retractable Stool

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With this retractable stool, you’ll no longer have to go through all those pains just to enjoy the beauty that is around you.

  • This super portable stool collapses down to practically nothing, so you can take it anywhere!
  • The unique stool fully extends up to 18.1 inches tall and retracts to a compact size of just 2.5 inches thick.
  • This is also a great stool to keep around a home or camper that is short on space.
  • Tuck this small, compact stool away and when you have guests you can bring it out and multiply your seating.

  • Another great use would be to keep a few of these stools in your car for use at sporting events, or tailgating. It makes for a perfect camping chair, or bring it with on your next fishing or hunting trip.
  • If you’re going to the DMV and know you’ll be waiting in a long line, why not bring this stool along and get comfy?!
  • Got some work to do in the yard or garden, extend it out to just the right height to work comfortably at whatever height you need it at. 

Material: The stool is made of high-quality polyamide, a material known for its high strength and lightweight durability.

How big is the retractable stool? When not in use, these stools are a mere 2.5 inches thick and 9.8 inches in diameter.

How heavy is the retractable stool? The stool is 2.7 pounds, It comes equipped with both a hand and shoulder strap to make towing it along super easy.

So what are you waiting for. We already have limited stock🔘

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I'll take the second chair.


Incredible Retractable Stool


Everything was intact, the box was crumpled but the chair itself was whole.


I love it. Very Fast shipping and easy to use.


Great product, work well! Very fast shipping